Varnish day. This post is going out for artist health safety.-and it’s my birthday week. Three months ago I had what they’re calling after checking all of me, seeing every possible specialist, a TIA (mini stroke) most likely caused by a sealant or varnish I had all over bare hands the day before. I still battle residual vertigo from it (I have difficulty driving. Freeway driving is a no go) though the heart palpitations are gone. I’m a very healthy/active person so it’s not my health. I used to be very careless, letting sealants,  varnishes, alcohol pours go all over my hands, into my lungs. My neurological event was my fault. So please fellow artists, ventilate, and glove up. I’m posting this to bring awareness to the chemicals we use. Our brains are too important #chemicaldangers #tia #ministroke