Kellie Thomas-Walker does not confine herself to one school of thought.  Each piece has either symbolism or a story embedded within its layers.  Her work can range from geometric detailed illustrations to soft modern figurative paintings; as well as abstraction of nature and life. Thomas-Walker’s work embodies severe depth and engaging textures. She utilizes brush work as well as pallet knives with acrylic paints and various glazes. Her illustrations are formed through charcoal, graphites, and paint pens.  Thomas-Walker is currently working on a series that embodies abstract portraiture and figurative forms.


  Born to an artist mother, Kellie was introduced to painting and illustrations as a young child. Kellie is self-taught but continues to study master painters- past and present. She continues that legacy with my four daughters, 18, 15, 14, and 11.  Born in Southern California. Raised in Old Shasta, California just outside of Redding. Growing up traversing through the fields and mountains, climbing trees, lazy lake days, and hiking…lots of hiking gave Kellie the love for nature that I will always hold dear. Thomas-Walker and her husband and daughters live in East Long Beach.



Kellie Thomas-Walker

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