I do not confine myself to one school of thought.  Each piece has either symbolism or a story embedded within its layers. As is life.  My work can range from severely detailed illustrations to soft modern figurative paintings; as well as abstraction of nature and life. My work embodies severe depth and engaging textures. I utilize brush work as well as pallet knives with acrylic paints and various glazes. My illustrations are formed through charcoal, graphites, and paint pens. 


  Born to an artist mother, I was introduced to painting and illustrations as a young child. Now, I continue that legacy with my four daughters.  Born in Southern California. Raised in Northern California. My husband and I have lived in Long Beach, California for the past sixteen years. 

 I maintain a professional relationship with my collectors and curators.  I encourage email contact but will accept phone inquires of the professional manner.  Thank you for viewing my work.


Kellie Thomas-Walker


562) 676-8845


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