The Invited, 2011

48x48 gallery wrapped finished edges

This piece was brought about through inspiration of an incredible dream I had.  In the dream, I awoke and ran outside my house to find a woman with long dark hair.  She then asked me "Do you know who you are yet?", to which I replied "Almost."  She then raised both her arms to the sky and  then says, "Go on. Fly.  But you must not leave the last layer of the atmosphere or you won't be able to come back."
 I then flew straight up fast as a bullet, then was halted deep in the dark sky by a tall man with kind eyes who asked to join me.  He then led me to a meeting of other (angels I assume) in the sky.  Then we proceeded to fly through the sky, at times barely skimming the Earth. 

fyi: I've had dreams like this since I was little.  So the flying is something I look forward to when I sleep.