Going to add....something into the bottom. Flowers maybe, light contrasts. Not sure yet, but I’m liking the overall progression.  I started homeschooling one of my daughters due to some nasty kids, and lack of administrative intervention. So, I’m going to get her all caught up and ready for high school in a year. I’ve added into her history curriculum, the study of French Impressionism.  I’ve always adored Monet as well as Degas (check out my past Ballerinas). So my koi pond definitely has a Monet edge to it. I’m just blending it more than the Impressionist technique. This piece is all about portrayal of calmness and movement.  We’ve had a stressful year. My 14 yr old has been through many diagnostic procedures pinpointing either Chrohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or IBS. Two colonoscopies in ten months and one endoscopy.  It’s enough to overwhelm anyone, let alone a 14 year old girl. But, she amazes me. She has watched both colonoscopies with great earnest. Wanting to learn. She wants to be a general surgeon some day. I’m in awe of her.  Per hr doctor’s prompting, and due to my horrible digestive issues my turn to for endoscopy and colonoscopy is next month. If my kid can do it I can too. Just at the same time kinda scares me.  I rarely post anything personal on here, but I’ve realized how painting has helped me get through an incredibly rough year. Oh and of course, my faith in God. Which has grown so much stronger. So, please, if anyone has any questions about how to start painting just comment. I would love to guide you.  First piece is never good. Just start. 



Work 3 in my Japanese inspired series (In PROGRESS)

Since I was a little girl, I have been enthralled by the Japanese culture.  Old and new it holds a place in my heart.  This third piece in my series takes a edgy surrealistic/animated edge to pay homage to the great country of Japan.  My girls and I have been die hard fans of the Miyazake fims, as well as more classic pieces.  I've been studying them with my girls, as well as Japanese art of tattoo.  I have a feeling this series could extend on for quite a few pieces.  It brings me joy.  I would love to visit Japan with my husband and girls in tow.   

Work in progress.  Elements I adore in Japanese culture, with my twist of course

"Prayer of Gethseneme", work in progress

This piece is almost finished, just adding detail/highlights.  It's paint pen/acrylic paint on gallery wrapped 24"x24"x1.5" canvas.   Surround Jesus' face is heavy texture created with acrylic stucco medium.  Then a lot of shading and layering.