Don’t mind my phone shadow. Working on a commission sketch #geometricart #lineart #waves #illustration #drawing #circleart #paintpen #charcoal #art #artistsoninstagram #losangeles


Starting Geometrics on 3rd

Background is done, now starting geometrics on 3rd in my New series.  It takes a long time, there will be so much more detail and then at the end I'll implement in some physics. On a side note, my oldest daughter has been completing her college applications. She wants to major in research chemistry. Applying to UCI, UCLA, Cal Poly SLO, CSULB, Azusa Pacific.  The process is daunting. But I'm a pretty proud mom. She's worked so hard for so long. Good luck Tara. 


Busy summer

I've severely neglected posts on my blog.  My girls we're home and we have a new Airdale Terrier puppy named Boe keeping us busy.  My nephew and his beautiful bride were married. We flew our daughters to Seattle for my birthday, then drove down to Eugene, Oregon for th wedding. The blue painting below is their wedding present from us.   



Large 48x36 textured Gold Nebula work in progress  


My baby girl is loving my drop cloth