Love what I do

I am loving painting him. With all of my heart. When I truly fall in love with a piece it manifests on the canvas. I’ve been on a roll with my writing as well. Not only am I writing my memoir, (which is in conjunction with my Fire Series) I also started a fiction novel, and a children’s book.


Finished Board

Finished this Fire Wire right before my solo last week. It's for sale. If you want prints I can do them of the individual koi fish too. 


solo Show is Hung

Minus my surfboards which I'll bring that night.  MArch 3rd Expo Arts Center, Atlantic Blvd Long Beach 5pm. Prints will available for purchase. Cash/credit cards. Also I take orders for larger prints, and canvas prints 

Ill update again in a few days 


Artist Feature March 3rd

Join me as my work envolved North Gallery at Expo Arts Center.  Entire Geisha Series as well as two surfboards and art prints available for purchase. 6-10pm  

Below is a Fire Wire board I am currently working on and will have finished and up for purchase.  

All credit cards and cash accepted  


New Board in progress

Just started this Fire Wire, I should have it done to accompany my Geishas, and other board at my solo exhibition begging of March in Long Beach