Kellie Thomas-Walker

Kellie Thomas-Walker art works take form ranging from expressive abstraction, gritty surrealistic landscapes to haunting figure and portrait art.  Drips and pockets of glistening pigment emerge against folds of effervescent coloration in a aggressive approach to light and shadow. Layering and texture flourish against occasional traces of urban inspired graphic architectonics.  Shadowy caverns, manifested through aggressive painterly gestures and somber trembling hues, lend visceral appeal.  Born to an artist mother, Thomas-Walker is an advocate of creative catharsis and the belief that art can "purify" and "cleanse" one of past experiences.  Of her work she maintains that "each piece is a continual prayer".   These stunning works of acrylic  impasto capture life of the soul; they are an invitation to enter the sublime states of the untrammeled subconscious. 

  Kellie Thomas-Walker was born in Ontario, California, raised in Redding, California.While maintaining her career in art, she  is married, and raising her four daughters in Long Beach, California.